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Love Me or Hate Me

October 26th, 2009 · No Comments

And I do mean those literally.

As I’ve written before, I’m passing time by coaching golf at my old high school.  Each season-boys and girls-lasts about 3 months from when we start practicing to when the playoffs end.  It keeps me busy during spring and fall as I get to be on the golf course for 3-4 hours a day, something I don’t mind in the least.  However, once the girl’s season started in late August, I didn’t play a round of golf until last week when the regular season was over.

(Brief aside-I went to Minneapolis for another shot at NSHMBA and was able to interview with a few different firms.  In each, I said that as a coach, I manage a couple of dozen teenage and associated parental egos, which should make managing professional ones even easier.  That got me some smiles and nods.)

But late last week, one parent called in out of the blue to complain that I had a rep as a hardass coach and player retention was suffering as a result.  And today, another parent called in and offered to take me out to a sushi dinner due to the time and effort I’ve been putting into the team.  Also, another parent got me an interview with his firm, so some of this has paid off on a professional level.

So that makes the first call that much tougher to process.  I’ll grant you this, I am strict in the sense that I stay true to the game, want the kids to actually be practicing at practice, and not making a tea time out of it.  I did kick two kids off our team for smoking on the golf course, which I think is pretty well justified.  But one of the benefits of having a non-teacher as a coach means I don’t have to act as if my tenure is challenged.  This gives me some freedom to act as a coach and not a babysitter to an afterschool activity, to focus on what I feel is important and dump the ones that are screwing around, and let me call out the ones that aren’t putting in the time/effort that they should.

But it does say one thing about me, I’m not going to fade into mediocrity.  And I’d rather someone had an opinion about me than forget me.

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